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DPR Transport was first established in January 2003 by David Rees as a Courier company, based in Lancaster. Since then DPR has branched out into Airport Transfers, Student Removals and other Transport related services. I initially started off by having to tender for several routes with a National courier company, ironically the route that i won was the town of my birth a few years ago, Morecambe. After my initial training which lasted a whole two days i was thrown in at the deep end with about 70 parcels, a manifest and an A-Z in a town i thought i knew my way round pretty well.

After a couple of weeks getting home at 8.30 in the evening from 5.30 in the morning i was beginning to think this was a bad idea , but not one for giving in so easily i decided to stick at it.

Within a couple of months the volume of parcels had increased to an average of 85-90 drops per day which i was quite comfortable with, even managing a “good morning “ and a cuppa with some of my regular clients. Just as i thought this job was becoming quite manageable along came a couriers biggest nightmare, CHRISTMAS and the 6wks leading up to it. From a manageable 90 drops the volume would increase up to 150 per day on average, my record being 175 drops, 223 parcels and getting home to see the weather forcast after News at Ten, boy did i enjoy Boxing Day.

With knowing what to expect the following year i employed and trained some more staff, invested in another van and took on another route.

Having eventually finding some reliable staff i was able to divert my attention to expanding my business to include removal work, mainly for students either going home from Uni or just moving their belongings in to storage which is quite popular with foreign students going home for the summer.

Over the last couple of years i have managed to get established with more local companies and help solve their transport problems with regular runs to Manchester, London and the North East. With the increase in my own courier workload i decided earlier this year to go it alone and leave the big Red van company from where i got my nickname ParcelDave, no guesses for who they are.

With all this spare time on my hands (lol), i purchased and registered with L.C.C, a 7 seven seater vehicle mainly for Airport Transfers but i have also had requests for transport to Race Meetings, Golf Trips, Stag & Hen Parties and just general nights out to another town, even Away Football Matches strangely enough.

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Dave Rees
DPR Transport

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Areas Covered

DPR operates nationally but is locally based in these areas:

  • Lancaster
  • Morecambe
  • Heysham
  • Galgate
  • Garstang
  • Carnforth
  • Lancaster University
  • University of Cumbria
  • Preston
  • Kendal
  • Barrow
  • Ulverston

and the Surrounding areas of Lancaster and Morecambe.

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